Where Have you been?

Where are you in your creativity?

Where are you in your creativity?

Sitting in Dry Sands. We as creatives go through cycles. We have our ups and downs. Periods of RUSH RUSH RUSH! Then we may feel like we are irrelevant in this current period of time. We are sitting in DRY SANDS. A place where there isn’t a feeling of creative juices. A place where your phone, email, or social media messages give a feeling where you DO NOT EXIST.

That is not the case. In a barren place where the lack of pressure may seem unmountable, you can still be great. This is where you can re-invent yourself. Branch out with creativity. Not care about the critics. Create things because you want to create. Explore new ideas.

Search the world over for new inspiration. Be You. Love Yourself.

Charles Richard