Art: Belkis Ayon

Everything is for a reason.  Each person must find a inspiration for moving forward. Become better in our passion, be better in the way we live and find our own path to be happy in our lives. As a photographer I look at inspiration through all aspects of art and life.  

Sometimes we experience life altering events that push our lives to the edge.  Belkis Ayon was an Afro-Cuban artist that studied at a prestigious institution.  With all her accolades and incredible works, she still had to deal with depression. She had taken her life but left her impact around the world while her works still are seen in museums.

The following works may seem haunting and eerie but  she combined Christian beliefs with Abakua (version of Masonry). 

An installation of her works is at the Station Museum until September.  To learn more about here click the following link:

Charles Richard