Cameras Bring Out Insecurities

It was a few years ago that I decided to alleviate a massive weight from my shoulders.  I wanted to take the squarely built device with the intimidation of a cyclops staring down upon a potential victim, who often times squirmed and shifted nervously while forcing an obscure smile.  You see, taking a selfie on your phone is a bit different than when I unholster my 10 pound device and aim it in your direction.  Sitting under the blinding rays from the strobes can cause the most perfect eyes to water from their exuberant power. 

Standing before my victim, wielding a dark black tool with massive buttons and say… “I am about to capture your SOUL!” (insert evil laugh)

Well, that was then….breathe…..relax….now we move to a time where it may still be slightly intimidating but less is more.  As professional photographers, our goal is to get to know you.  We don’t want to just take your picture, we want to GIVE you lasting memories. 

Be Blessed. 

Charles Richard