Cameras Bring Out Insecurities

It was a while ago, I had decided to alleviate massive weight from my shoulders.  I wanted to take the squarely built device with the intimidation of a cyclops staring down an obscure smile.  

It is a sight to see.....when a person picks up their phone and takes a selfie vs me unleashing a 10 lb device from its holster.  Surrounded by blinding rays of light that will cause the most perfect eyes to water from the exuberant power. Standing before the victim welding a dark black tool with massive buttons and saying...."I am about to capture your SOUL!" <insert evil laugh>

Well that was we move to a time where it may still be slightly intimidating but less is more.  We strive to get to know you.  We don't want to just take your picture, we want to GIVE you lasting memories.

Be Blessed. 

Charles Richard